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Using Google Tag manager with Pardot

Using Google Tag manager with Pardot

As of 2019, we strongly recommend using Google Tag Manager for installing your Pardot tracking code. Leveraging Google Tag Manager for managing Pardot scripts allows marketers to manage how the Pardot tracking code behavior works across all pages managed by GTM.

You can use Google Tag Manager with your Pardot tracking code. Google Tag Manager does not affect Pardot tracking, provided that you set your filters to allow the Pardot tracking code to fire on the pages you wish to track with Pardot. You simply need to create a tag in Google Tag Manager that contains your Pardot tracking code.

NOTE: These instructions assume that you are familiar with Google Tag Manager. In order to follow these instructions, you┬ámust already have a Pardot campaign, a Google Tag Manager account and container set up, and have properly placed your Google Tag Manager code on the pages you wish to track. See┬áGoogle’s Tag Manager documentation┬áfor help getting started. This is a custom process in Pardot and, as such, Pardot Support will be unable to help troubleshoot these instructions.┬á

Here’s how:

In Pardot:

1. In Pardot Classic interface, Navigate to Marketing > Campaigns. In Lightning, browse to the Pardot Campaigns tab.

2. Select the campaign you wish to use with Google Tag Manager.

3. Click View Tracking Code, and copy the tracking code.

In Google Tag Manager:

1. Navigate to the Account and Container you would like to create the tag in.

2. Navigate to Tags and click New.

3. Click Custom HTML Tag.

4. Paste your Pardot tracking code in the Configure Tag box.

5. Click Continue.

6. Configure how you’d like the triggers to fire. For more on this step, refer to Google’s documentation.

7. Click Create Tag.

8. Rename the tag. We suggest something like “Pardot Tracking Code-[name of your campaign]”.

9. Click Save.

10. Click┬áPublish┬áwhen you’re done editing tags in your container.

Happy Pardoting!

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