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What is and how does it impact Marketers?

What is and how does it impact Marketers?

Are submissions from hostname blocking your site tracking?

The googleusercontent.com is a Googlebot, and specifically, it appears is being used by Chrome browser to mask hostnames when forms are submitted.

If you’re using Pardot, this means that your tracking code will be blocked from making an association between your Prospects and their real devices.

We’ve been finding this impacting several Pardot users. As this time, this is the best Support Article we’ve been able to find to support what traffic from this URL could mean:

googleusercontent.com appears to be the domain that requests from Google Cloud Provider come from, so anyone could be pretending to be Googlebot if they host something there….

Google puts third party costing (like Cloud Compute etc) on domains like googleusercontent.com rather than ‘google.com’ deliberely.  So can seperate request from Google itself, from requests from third parties. 


More on this to come…!

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    1. Denise from California!
      Omg my husband and been controlling my phone for 5 years . And I have seen Googleuser on his phone ! Help

  1. Yes, this is happening to me. Would I have to ask my clients IT team to do something with the BC.googleusercontent.com domain to stop this happening? What’s the fix?

  2. Just setup a pFsense router it’s free infact pFsense was in an article about a military medical ship that deploys pFsense as their main security soltuion for their network.

    Looking at my pFsense blocked incoming connections is what brought me here as I was searching what

    was all about.

    Good luck

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