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How to connect Ninja Forms to Pardot form handlers

How to connect Ninja Forms to Pardot form handlers

By: Jermaine Brewer

Let’s first talk about what Ninja forms are.

Ninja Forms is a free form builder plugin for WordPress that enables you to build just about any type of form such as a simple contact form, event registrations, file uploads, payments, and many more.

You can use Ninja Forms to create user friendly WordPress forms. No coding skills required. You can design beautiful, complex forms like a pro. Drag and drop fields. Easy row and column layouts. Multi page forms. Conditional forms. You don’t have to be a designer to create forms that will blend beautifully with your WordPress website.

In Pardot: 

First, login to Pardot and create your form handler. You can find the instructions here on how to do this.

In your form handler, you’ll be able to pass through values passed through your ninja form. 

 If you’re just getting started, we recommend only mapping the email field at first just to test to make sure it works before mapping all of your fields.

Make sure you set the Success & Error location in Pardot, as that will be where you’re form submissions are redirected after submission.

In WordPress/Ninja Forms:

Pardot form handlers work best with the Redirect Action feature Ninja Forms.

Whenever the form gets submitted your Ninja Form will use a Redirect Action, which will send each form submission to your Form Handler EndPoint URL.

We have found this is the best method as your prospects will be passed through directly to the Pardot form handler, which allows you to see the prospects tracked activity on your website prior to them filling out the form.

Using the Redirect Action, Ninja Forms will forward the submitted data you call out to your Pardot form handler.

In Ninja Forms, you’ll be able to pass through each provided field value into Pardot by adding the parameters to a query string. It looks something like this:


Pro-tip: you can also pass through hidden fields into your Pardot Form Handler

In Summary, Here’s How it Works


  1. Once your visitor completes the form, Ninja Forms will redirect them to your Pardot Form handler (when testing, you can typically look at the bottom of your browser and briefly see your form handler loading before seeing the success or error location)
  2. Pardot form handler will take over and process the add/edit the prospect in Pardot, then send your visitors to the success or error location

 If you’re interested in working with the Cypress team for setting up this integration, let us know!

Happy Pardot-ing!

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