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WebhooksbyCypress TroubleShooting Guide

Troubleshooting Webhooks by Cypress

Issue: I am unable to find the APEX class when I am creating a flow

Confirm you are searching for the correct Apex Class:

The correct Apex class being used for this package is wh4sf__WebHooksbyCypressBatchJob

Has the package been installed?

As a Salesforce Admin navigate to the Installed Packages section, from your Setup Menu Navigate to Apps>Packaging>Installed Packages.

Confirm you’re able to find the WebHooksByCypress Package with the preface wh4sf

Issue: My flow is setup, but I am not seeing any activity in the Pardot form handler

Is the Pardot Form Handler URL accepted by your Salesforce Org?

Your form handler may not be using https://go.pardot.com. Confirm the domain being used with the Pardot Form Handler is included in your Salesforce’s Remote Site Settings.

Confirm your flow is activated and the wh4sf__WebHookbyCypressBatchJob is being used by the flow

In order for the workflow to execute, it must be active. Confirm your flow or Process Builder is activated.

Issue: I am receiving the Salesforce Error: REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

You have exceeded the limit of API calls allowed for your Salesforce Account. You can either contact your Salesforce Account Executive to upgrade your account or create additional conditions for your flow to limit the number of times the API call is made.

Issue: I am receiving the Salesforce Error: API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner 

Your Organization does not have API Enabled. Contact your Salesforce Account Executive to upgrade your account