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Webhooks by Cypress Setup

STEP 1: Confirm Installation of the Webhooks by Cypress Package

STEP 2: Setup Remote Site Settings

In order for our HTTP POST to work from SalesForce, we have included Remote Site settings for https://go.pardot.com. We recommend confirming your settings.

  1. From Setup, Quickfind Remote Site Settings
  2. Create a new remote site
  3. Name: PardotFormHandler
  4. Site/url: https://go.pardot.com

STEP 3: Create a Flow or Process Builder with WebHooks by Cypress

Webhooks by Cypress are designed to work with Process Builder or Flows in Salesforce. It’s designed to allow a query string Callout from Salesforce using an HTTP POST method.

WebHooksbyCypress with Process Builder: In Process Builder, you will add an Apex Action.

Find the WebHooksbyCypress Apex Class and add the URL variable from the Set Apex Variable. Create a formula that includes your Pardot Form handler and whichever values you’d like to send to your form handler by appending the query string to your form handler

Salesforce Webhooks with Process Builder

WebHooksbyCypress with Flows: In Flow, you will likely create a New Resource to generate your webhook URL. Here’s an example of a Resource we created:

Creating a Formula Resource Salesforce Flow