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Saving Time with Engagement Studio

Saving Time with Engagement Studio

Engagement Studio is one of the most powerful tools you have in Pardot. You can customize the lead journey based on actions your prospects are taking, what area of interest they have within your product or service offering, and ultimately what their profile looks like. Why Engagement Studio is so awesome is because you can pull in all of your marketing automation assets. You have all the capabilities of automation in one space. But with all this power comes a lot of responsibilities. You need to build a customizable journey. You need to understand their buyer journey. You need to have a response for any probable case your prospect might take when engaging with your content. It’s overwhelming. 

But don’t overthink it. By knowing some simple tricks when building out your workflow can save you a significant amount of development time.

Merging Capabilities

Before building out complex branches, think about how you can come back to your main engagement line. Usually, you have a set standard of 4 or so emails that you are creating for a campaign. But what if a prospect clicks here then views that page there and you want to have logic that reflects those engagement points? Branch out, but then think about how you can apply that logic and still come back to the main emails. That way, you aren’t rebuilding the same exact drip in multiple places. This can save you a lot of development time because you are circling back to logic you’ve already built. 

You also eliminate building out robust flows that are hard to follow. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you start building out a simple flow and all of a sudden it is massive with so many triggers being evaluated and 8 versions of the same email placed all over. Then you question what you even built. By utilizing merging capabilities, you’re able to make complex logic simpler and get a digestible view of the workflow. It makes it so much easier to audit later.

Copy and Paste

Sometimes you can’t keep a workflow simple and you need to build out more complex Engagement Studios. And that’s okay! Because Pardot has the Copy and Paste functionality. With this feature, you don’t have to rebuild any logic you want to reuse. Pardot has made it as simple as a keyboard’s Command C and Command V. 

By simply clicking Select then picking the logic you want and copying it, you can paste the flow to any branch. So what is the benefit to you? Well not only does it save you a ton of time building your Engagement Studio BUT it also minimizes human errors by ensuring the flow has consistency. You lower the risk of accidentally selecting the wrong email template or evaluating the wrong link. You are pasting the correct logic each time. 

So check out these tips and let us know how they work for you in the comments below. 

Happy Pardoting!

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